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December 7, 2017

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A breeder’s secret to a clean Golden Doodle puppy nursery

January 13, 2017


Over the past couple years we’ve noticed an increase in clients asking how we keep our puppy nursery so neat and tidy.  Even with Bella’s last litter of ten (10) goldendoodle puppies, the nursery was ready for stop-in visits at the drop of a hat.


What’s our secret?


Litter box training.  


Yes, we realize we breed puppies, but contrary to popular belief litter boxes aren’t just a “cat” thing!  In fact, litter boxes serve as a major milestone in successful house training. 


Step 1 – Choose the “litter”


Let us save you some time (and mess)!!  We use safe, non-toxic, paper-based pellets in our large litter boxes.  They are super absorbent, tough on odors, and are easy to sweep up.  Plus, our first puppies made it pretty obvious that newspaper was only good for shredding ... confetti party!!! ... and their beautiful red and apricot coats had so much black smut they could have passed as chimney sweeps!  


Pellets are the way to go.


Step 2 – Surround the bedding


Soon after the puppies are born, we surround their bedding area with the litter boxes.  As the puppies get their legs, they waddle (or fall) off their bedding pallet and the pellets offer a softer landing than the nursery floor.  Plus, puppies piddle quite frequently.  They prefer to piddle off their bedding, but don’t have enough stamina to make it across the floor.   


Step 3 – Seek & Find


The next step is reducing the size of the area covered in pellets.  The puppies have grown accustomed to the smell