Our Goldendoodle Story

We fell in love with Goldendoodles in 2006 while at college and dreamed of owning one of our own. In 2011, that dream came true with the addition of Bella Ruppe to our family! Bella was our first "child" and comes with us everywhere, even our frequent escapades to the beach. 


With so many people complimenting her personality, color, and attributes, we decided to give others the opportunity to experience the same unconditional joy we receive by starting Doodles of NC. 

In 2017, we promoted Bella to "mother hen."  Our puppy moms all stay with their puppies, in our home, for the first 5 weeks. Then they transition back to their guardian homes as the puppies are weaning and preparing for their forever families.  During this time Bella, now retired from breeding, moves in to act as pseudo mom (or "favorite aunt" as she is far too young to be "grandma")!  Bella teaches the puppies important socialization, grooming and play skills the last three weeks prior to puppy pick-up day.


Doodles of NC isn't your average puppy breeder. All of our dogs are lovingly raised in the home environment. We offer Mini F-1B Goldendoodles (10 - 20 lbs) and Medium F-1B Goldendoodles (25 - 45 lbs). 


We strive to produce outstanding, healthy doodle puppies that will be a blessing to your family for years to come.

Doodles of NC - Family






"Dedicated to raising healthy, happy puppies for families from the heart of our home."

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