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In-Person Puppy Picking

What an exciting time!  You have decided to place a deposit for a puppy! Once you receive a call from us letting you know a litter has been born you will be notified of the date for in-person puppy picking and what picking order you have. Picking order is based on when you have placed your deposit. 

Beginning at birth until they go home, we will post videos and pictures via group text so families can see the puppies interact, play, and grow. 

On puppy picking day, each family will receive a puppy profile of each puppy to show how they are progressing with the Puppy Culture Protocol, coat type (wavy vs. curly), and temperament. Each family is then provided with a sheet showing the puppy collar color to select which puppy they would like.


In-person puppy picking day also gives families an opportunity to meet our dogs, other families from the litter, and have any questions answered before the puppy go home day.

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