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Preparing for your Goldendoodle Puppy


Over the past several years, the number one question we've received is "What should we get before bringing our new puppy home?"  We applaud you for thinking about this in advance and hope the following list helps you prepare a safe, fun, and inviting forever home for your new little blessing. 

Our Favorite Puppy Supplies


Let's start with the necessities.  Select adequately-sized food and water bowls that are resistant to breaking, easy to clean, and not too big for your little one. Keep in mind that you may want to only put the food bowl out (or put food in it) at feeding times. This will help prevent over-eating and assist with house training. However, fresh water should always be available in the water bowl.


Puppy Training

We believe by helping families train their own dogs to be calm, well-mannered and better-behaved, more people will experience the joys of lifetime canine companionship, and more dogs will remain in loving homes where they belong!​ We have chosen to partner with Baxter & Bella to give out families the best at online puppy training service possible.


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Quality Puppy Food

To ensure that your puppy grows up healthy and strong, it is essential to provide a high-quality puppy food that meets his or her nutritional requirements. We recommend that you look for a dog food brand that includes grains to reduce the chances of Cardiomyopathy seen in large dog breeds.  We currently feed Fromm Puppy Food / Adult Food. 


Here is a blog article that explains more behind our decision to feed Fromm Puppy & Adult Dog Food.


Should you choose a different brand, no need to worry! We send our puppies home with food to assist with dietary transitioning.

Crate Training

Crate-training your puppy from the beginning helps with housebreaking and behavioral training. In terms of crate size, we recommend starting with a crate that is comfortable for the size of your puppy — he or she should be able to completely stand and easily turn around when the door is closed — but don’t provide an overabundance of room. If the crate is too large, it will be less effective as a training tool.


Remember to never use the crate as a punishment or a place for time-out. You don’t want to create any negative associations between your puppy and his sleeping and home alone space. For bedding, place a large folded towel or blanket on the floor of the crate.


Have fun at the pet store and buy your puppy a variety of toys to chew on, chase around, and snuggle with. Doodles are incredibly intelligent, so plan on replacing toys regularly with new items so that your doodle doesn’t grow bored. You will appreciate any chewing/teething to stay focused on toys rather than on your table legs and sofa cushions! Also, Goldendoodles love to fetch so it’s easy to wear your little one out while you bond in the living room or backyard.

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