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December 7, 2017

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Can chances of Cardiomyopathy in dogs be reduced by dog food brand?

January 20, 2019


Recent studies have shown a new trend of large breed dogs having cardiomyopathy (enlargement of the cardiac walls) that is not typically seen in dogs.  The cause is still being determined, and it is NOT 100% substantiated, but one of the theories is people feeding their dogs a grain free diet.


With golden doodles being part golden retriever (a large dog breed) our reproductive vet, Dr. Jernigan at The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt (shameless plug because he is amazing!) brought this new research to our attention.  We felt it was in our best interest, as responsible breeders, to complete our own research and determine any proactive steps we could take to set our Doodles of NC line up for continued impeccable health.


What causes cardiomyopathy in dogs?


The leading theory in the cause for cardiomyopathy is people feeding their dogs a grain free diet.  Believe it or not, nearly EVERY brand available is now grain free.


We have always believed in the importance of feeding good, quality food, which is why we used to feed Acana.  However, like many other brands, Acana removed all grains from their ingredients list leaving their carbohydrates to be gleaned from sweet potatoes and rice.


Benefits of Fromm Gold Dog Food


After much research, we landed on feeding our line of golden doodles Fromm Gold Puppy and Fromm Gold Adult for several reasons.


  1. Fromm pulls from a variety of protein sources

  2. Fromm uses whole barley

  3. Fromm adds taurine (which is important in cardiac health)

  4. ALL ingredients are sourced from the US