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New Vlog: Day in the Life of a Dog Breeder

Sharing a day in the life of a dog breeder with you! Well, at least this is Part 1 of a day in the life of Doodles of NC! No two days are the same, but this video details our busy morning routine.

In this video you will learn our how and why behind:

  • socializing puppies

  • cleaning nurseries

  • feeding puppies

  • caring for moms

  • Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) puppy training

With three litters spanning different ages, this particular morning was full of rambunctious puppy playtimes, tiny puppy pileups, and nursing mom chatter.

One tidbit that we detail out more in the video is the way we care for the moms in our program. From specialty puppy food and Purina ProPlan FortiFlora supplements to daily walks and rests from their litters, Doodles of NC moms enjoy the luxuries of the nursing mom life.

Surprisingly each mom starts looking for small breaks from their puppies at around 10 days. So, we supply them with treats to chew on and extra love during their time out of the nursery areas.

We hope you all enjoy it & don't forget to SUBSCRIBE. Part 2 of A Day In the Life of a Dog Breeder coming soon!


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