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Awarded Good Dog Recognition Badge for Health Testing

We are proud to announce that Doodles of NC has been awarded Good Dog’s “Good” recognition badge for health testing practices!

To receive the “Good” recognition badge, Doodles of NC went through a rigorous screening process. As detailed on their website, Good Dog’s screening department comprehensively considers many aspects of a breeding program, focusing on five key areas:

  • Breeding practices

  • Physical health of the breeding dogs and puppies

  • Mental health of the breeding dogs and puppies

  • Environment

  • Buyer education and policies

Each key area is assessed individually and an assessment is also made on the program as a whole. Their screening process entails an online questionnaire, phone interview, and vetting by their screening team.

Our recognition distinguishes Doodles of NC as a breeder who demonstrates a commitment to prioritizing the health of our dogs by performing the “Good” level of health testing on our breeding dogs as outlined in our Goldendoodle health testing guidelines. These health tests include general health tests, hip dysplasia tests, and cardiac evaluations.

We appreciate that Good Dog is bringing together the power of technology with the best information and experts in the dog world while on a tireless mission to give dogs better beginnings. They believe that transparency and accountability can give good people the power to make a difference; by creating a place where well-informed prospective dog owners can meet dedicated, responsible sources, they will help put an end to inhumane, unethical, deceptive practices.

If you would like any details on our health testing practices for our puppies, dames, and studs, we invite you to reach out on our contact us page.


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