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Halloween Dog Photo Contest Winner

Thank you all for the adorable submissions to Doodle of NC's first Halloween Dog Costume Contest! To be honest, having to choose one single winner was tough. If we were judging this on the pup's cuteness, willingness to be dressed up, or obvious affection towards their families, this would have been a tie all around.

So, in addition to our Best In Show, we are awarding our Best In Category winners based on the following:

  • use of props

  • difficulty in placing pup

  • background

  • family members

Best in Category Winners

Props to Remi

Remi makes an adorable cheerleader with pom poms to match! And, wow to the size of those gourds in the back!

Goldendoodle Placement to Camden

We loved how Camden's mom had her posed so her dress would hang just right. The ribbons are even in place!

Use of Background to Kuechly

The background turns a good photo into a great one! So, pumpkin Kuechly certainly wins this category with the hand painted pumpkin background. Cutest pumpkin in the patch for sure!

Family Members to Ruby

We loved that several clients found matching outfits for their Goldendoodles. The category winner for this certainly goes to Ruby and Season. These two were pretty in pink and all dolled up as Marie Antoinette!

And...drum roll please...the winner of Doodle of NC's first Dog Photo Contest and recipient of the Amazon Gift Card is...

Best in Show

Lulu the Cowgirl

Picturesque background, perfect props, and skilled placement of Lulu made her Best in Show. Goldendoodles are smart, trainable dogs that are on a mission to please. So, although this might be Lulu's first time riding a pony, her sweet gaze into the distance makes it seem like she is right at home. Something makes us think that getting dressed up and posed for pictures is the norm in the Shoemaker household :)

Thanks to all of our contestants who submitted photos on Instagram and Facebook! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be one of the first to hear about our next Dress Your Pup Up Photo Contest!

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