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How much exercise do Goldendoodles need?

Here in North Carolina yesterday’s weather had us singing “Nothin’ could be finer than to be in Carolina!” Temperatures in the low 70’s and a cool, gentle breeze reminded us that Spring will soon be in bloom.

One of the happiest times for our Goldendoodle mamas is when they are off-leash and bounding around in the backyard with the girls. Squeals of excitement and yelps of glee fill the air. But yet, these same Goldendoodles eagerly curl up with us on the coach and snooze away on a rainy afternoon.

So, how much exercise is right for a Goldendoodle?

As most of these seemingly “easy” questions turn out, the answer is - it depends. However, a blanket statement is that most people with a fenced in backyard will find that their Goldendoodle will get all the exercise they require. But, let’s dive deeper into this answer.

According to size

The first thing to consider when determining an exercise regimen is the size of your Goldendoodle. Standards run 45+ pounds, Medium F1-B Goldendoodles range from 30 - 45 pounds and Mini-Goldendoodles can be as small as 10 pounds at full adult weight!

Just like traveling a mile to an ant is like a person walking clear across the state of New York, mini goldendoodles require far less room for exercise than a standard.

Depending on age

The second thing to consider is the age of your Goldendoodle. Puppies through the first two years of life will crave more exercise time. So, aim for at least 15-30 minutes of exercise three times a day. But, as they age, this exercise time will change from playing catch and soccer to a gentle stroll around the block.

Personality factors

Lastly, each Goldendoodle has their own personality. As a breed they are eager to please and acclimate well to most any situation, so let your Goldendoodle live life with you.

Try out new things dog parks, lake trips, beach weekend getaways, or dog-friendly outdoor restaurants. The more they are around people, the happier your Goldendoodle will be!

With all this said, you’ll know you have found the right mix of exercise when they jump right up when you say, “Wanna go….” and you find them warming their favorite bed during downtime.

Regardless of how much time your Goldendoodle spends outdoors, make sure every moment is supervised - not to keep them out of trouble, but to keep trouble from finding them. Goldendoodles are a highly sought after breed, so keep a watch out for suspicious cars in the neighborhood. Your Goldendoodle will soon be like another member of the family though, so you will be watching out for them just like you would your own child!

If you have any additional questions for us about how to care for your Goldendoodle, please add a comment below or reach out on our Contact Us page!

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