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Introducing New 2018 Goldendoodle Puppy Moms

Expanding our Goldendoodle breeding capacity dominates conversations around our home. When our master waiting list fills up a year in advance, puppy supply must be increased to meet demand. Although we’ve wanted to rush in both feet first, so many details required meticulous thought.

So many questions...

Which moms? How many? From our line? Should we keep an in-house stud? What size? Who should be the guardian parents? See...lots of questions needed answering. Well, once answers started surfacing, we recognized our top priority - controlling the “home” environment from as early an age as possible. One of the top benefits of being in-home Goldendoodle breeders, is we have intimate relationships with our dogs. They become family. Each of our new dogs deserve that same attention. Sure, this meant more waiting, but in the end we know it was worth it. From house training to command instruction, our guardian home parents have learned the personalities of our new breeding moms as they’ve grown up before our eyes. So, without further adieu, let us introduce Chloe & Lucy!

Meet the Goldendoodle Moms

These two sisters (yes - from the same litter in Ohio!!) live with the wonderful Baker family in Archdale, NC. Having the Bakers as guardians for these two has been such a blessing. Their two boys each have “their own” dog - as you can see pictured below.

Although the moms-to-be are both apricot, F1 standard Goldendoodles (and sisters!!) their appearance is as distinct from one another as their personalities.


While Lucy is the laid back, easy going, cuddle type, Chloe’s energetic personality makes her the social butterfly at the park. Chloe’s poodle permed coat causes her hair to perfectly frame her eyes like a helmet protecting her for whatever adventure comes her way.


Lucy’s fluffy coat matches her easy-going disposition; and her love for snuggling in with her bone of choice fits right in her preference in nap locations - your lap! Both moms are as sweet as can be, are well-behaved in real world settings (think car rides, dog parks, family vacations) and have intelligence beyond measure. We know Chloe & Lucy’s puppies will be adorable and cherished by our families on the 2018 reservation list! But, even with four Goldendoodle mamas expecting litters in 2018, our Spring 2018 reservation list is 50% full.

So, be sure to fill out our puppy application and get your deposit in! We wouldn’t want you to miss out on meeting your next best friend :)

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