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Kuechly's Goldendoodle Puppies Have Arrived!

We are thrilled to share that Kuechly, one of Doodle of NC’s new Goldendoodle mamas for 2017, delivered eight healthy, precious goldendoodle puppies Saturday morning.

Being a puppy nurse maid is such a joy, even when deliveries occur in the wee hours of the morning!

Many people ask, what are puppy delivery’s like?

Since every mama’s delivery is special and unique, we enjoy sharing their birth story with you all. So, Friday night, we noticed Kuechly - named after Carolina Panthers’ Linebacker, Luke Kuechly - start the deep panting. She also started getting in to check out her birthing pool!

All signs pointed to labor. The towels were stacked and the room was readied.

Sure enough, Kuechly’s first baby came at 2:00 am. Bella, one of our more experienced Goldendoodle mamas, started bringing Kuechly toys! It was precious. Kuechly would often hold a toy, wanting to play. Then she would get back in the pool and deliver another baby.

Her last baby arrived at 6:00pm. And, it turns out that all 8 puppies are boys! As you can imagine, this is very rare.

Since the puppies arrived Kuechly’s doing great as a first time mom. All of her boys received a check up from Burlington Animal Hospital and have been growing & gaining weight every day.

And look! The litter has a great mix of red & apricot coats and curly & wavy fur! There are even some white spots!

Even with her precious boys here, Kuechly doesn't miss a beat. When the door opens to go for a walk she is right there ready to go! She wants to be with people just as much as she did before becoming a mom, which means she's already confident about the security of her babies.

To keep up with the #kuechlybaby litter, be sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook.

And, if you are considering adding a puppy to your family, please fill out our application so we can help you decide if a Goldendoodle is the right breed for you.

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