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December 7, 2017

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How often should you groom & bathe your Goldendoodle?

April 30, 2018



Known for their hypo-allergenic fur, the Goldendoodle’s coat is why many seek after the breed.  But, hypo-allergenic & non-shedding doesn’t always mean low maintenance.

When left unattended, a Goldendoodle’s undercoat can get matted and painful for your pet.  Every dog loses their puppy fur to grow in their adult coat.  For Goldendoodle puppies, this poses a challenge.  

If not brushed frequently, the puppy’s non-shedding fur gets matted in with the adult fur at the follicle, causing discomfort, which translates into excessive scratching.  A quick solution to this is using a slick brush a few times a week.  

Here is one of our favorites. 




All of our Doodles of NC puppies are brushed from just a few weeks old so they grow fond of the one-on-one bonding time.  Who doesn’t love a back scratch - right?!   

If your doodle’s coat becomes fluffy after brushing, a simple water - or children’s detangler - spritz & pat brings those coils right on back!


Bath time!

In addition to brushing, our puppies learn to love bath time.

Using a tear-free or mild dog shampoo allows you to bathe your doodle as frequently as every week without drying out their fur.