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#Bellababy Goldendoodle Puppies Have Arrived!

We couldn’t be happier to share that our sweet Bella safely delivered 11 precious, healthy Goldendoodle puppies last evening. Look at this beautiful litter of apricot & red F1-B Goldendoodles!

When people hear that we are Goldendoodle breeders anticipating puppies in our home the entire calendar year, the questions start rolling. But, one of my favorite ones to answer is…

How do you know when a dog’s labor is starting?

The reason behind this being a favorite is all the memories flooding back of helping my mama Doodle through her natural deliveries. Although labor starts about 55 days after conception, the mama’s instincts start kicking in and they each display sure signs that puppies are about to appear.

When Bella is nearing labor she starts panting a lot, stops eating, goes out minimally and just wants to cuddle the day away. Bella started showing these signs Monday and then labored yesterday from 5:00am until 12:30pm. Coaching our Doodle mama’s through delivery is one of the most beautiful and remarkable experiences to share.

Healthy Pregnancy Monitoring

We err on the side of caution for our Doodle mamas and have regularly scheduled vet visits to track pregnancy progress. Here is a video from Bella’s ultrasound confirming pregnancy around 25 days post honeymoon.

Then, around 53 days after the honeymoon, we take our sweet mamas in for an X-ray. Being the most reliable way to count the number of puppies, this helps us prepare the supplies for the whelping box before their grand debut.

Take a look at Bella’s X-ray from Monday. Can you find the 11 puppies?

Knowing the number of puppies up front also helps us monitor the progression of labor and quickly pick up on complications should any arise.

We wouldn’t want our pregnancy tracking any other way! These checkpoints give us opportunities to share the exciting progress with our expecting doodle parents waiting to meet their Goldendoodle puppy for the first time.

Bonding moments after birth

Even in the midst of labor, Bella watches intently over her brand new puppies. If someone is missing she searches them out. Like when we remove a puppy for a weight check, her eyes stay glued to that newborn until we return it to the whelping box.

She also just lets them cuddle in for warmth and nurse for nourishment. For the first few days we even have to bring her water as she refuses to leave their side.

She is a great mama and certainly has a special glow about her this morning!

Overall, we try to make the whelping box and delivery room peaceful and calm for our Doodle mamas. The calmer the mama, the smoother the delivery.

Keep checking Instagram & Facebook for updates on these #Bellababy puppies, and if you haven’t reserved your spot for an upcoming litter, be sure to check out our Upcoming Puppies page. There are only a few spots left for puppy reservations for 2017!


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