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Best Puppy Toys for your Puppy

Finding the best puppy toys for your new puppy can be overwhelming. Look no further! We are breaking down the best breeder-tested toys on the market for entertainment, appropriate chewing, and comfort to shorten the duration of training needed for you and your puppy.


Puppies are full of curiosity. When your puppy arrives home, everything is an exciting adventure waiting to be explored. At Doodles of NC, we work diligently to desensitize our puppies to as many scenarios as possible (i.e. children, pets, music, vacuum cleaners, etc.) but what we can't do is expose them to your home. So they need guidance on what is ok to play with and what is off limits. Offering a variety of squeaky sounds and shapes of toys for tossing and chewing is paramount. Oh - and if your puppy tends to love the squeaky "stuffies" make sure your kids keep their personal favorite stuffed animals out of reach! Your determined little puppy may tear open a stuffed animal simply looking for the "hidden" squeaker!

Chew Toys

Cutting new teeth is painful. Since we offer pacifiers and gum soothers for our babies, doesn't it make since that our puppies would benefit from them as well? Unlike pacifiers, puppy teething sticks actually come in a variety of flavors, textures, and materials. Find a few that satisfy your puppy's natural urge to chew. Additional benefits of these chew toys are cleaning teeth, freshening breath, and preventing destructive chewing.

Here are a few of our favorite chew toys to help save your shoes:

Comfort Sleep Aids

We send each of our Doodles of NC puppies home with a blanket and a toy that smells like the pack. The blanket can safely wrap around a heating pad and help your puppy (and you!) get a full night's sleep. In addition, we highly recommend the "Snuggle Puppy." Watch our YouTube video to see this toy's full review, but with a heating element and a heart beat monitor, the "Snuggle Puppy" helps emulate the sounds and warmth they grew accustomed to in the pack.

Crate Toys

Adding a specific toy for crate time keeps puppies entertained and enjoying their time in the crate. You want to establish the crate being a safe place for them. By adding peanut butter to the inside of a kong, the puppy will stay occupied, entertained, and satisfied in their new space.

Watch our YouTube video "Best Puppy Toys for Your Puppy" to see these toys in action and hear Erin (and her two cute helpers) explain why these are the top must have puppy toys for new puppy owners. While you're there, be sure to subscribe!


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