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How big is a mini goldendoodle?

About the size of a watermelon, but a whole LOT lighter!

Those of you who have been following Doodles of NC's growth for a few years may remember that we diversified our breeding to include mini goldendoodles in 2017.

How do you breed a mini goldendoodle?

Contrary to popular belief, mini goldendoodles are not the "runt" of litters. When you breed a medium-sized Goldendoodle with a miniature poodle, the puppies are coined the breed "mini goldendoodle."

Adult weight of our Doodle of NC mini goldendoodles range from 10 - 15 pounds. However, we do have one handsome, adult mini weighing in at 22 lbs.

Our current mini goldendoodle mom is Genevieve (affectionately called "Ginny"). She is a beautiful red, F1 Medium Goldendoodle (right).

Ginny got the best of both breeds from her parents - a golden retriever and a miniature poodle. She is incredibly sweet and snuggly, yet attentive and bright. Her coat resembles more of a golden retriever's in appearance with straighter fur. Yet, her shedding is minimal!

Ginny and our miniature poodle stud, Duncan, have created some incredibly precious mini Goldendoodles! Just look at these sweet faces!

In 2019, Marley and Gracie will join our breeding line of mini-Goldendoodles. These two future mamas are near and dear to our hearts as they will continue the breeding line of our original Doodle Mama - Bella!

Benefits of a mini-goldendoodle

Many reasons exist for clients selecting the smaller, mini Goldendoodles over medium Goldendoodes. But, the top three reasons we hear on a regular basis are:

  • more conducive to apartment / city living

  • require minimal exposure to outdoor activity

  • ease of travel (think puppy purse!)

Other benefits of Goldendoodles

Whether you choose a mini or medium Goldendoodle, you will always enjoy the breed's benefits of:

  • hypoallergenic fur = low maintenance

  • high intelligence = easy to train

  • great with children = family dog

  • great with other pets = you can keep your cat(!)

  • affectionate "snugglers" = portable foot warmer

We are happy to help you decide which breed is right for you! Either fill out our application or give us a call (919) 943-6112 to start the conversation.

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