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Howl-o-ween Contest Winner Announced

The votes are in! Thank you all for the adorable submissions to Doodle of NC's Annual Halloween Dog Costume Contest! We are so thankful for all who voted because without your help, we couldn't have chosen a winner!

What amazes us each year is how easy-going and agreeable our Doodles of NC puppies turn out. From masks to goggles, and hats to bodysuits, your pups put up with (and arguably enjoy!) getting dolled up for the holiday.

In addition to our Voter's Choice Award, we are awarding our Best In Category winners based on the following:

  • smile

  • twins

  • props

  • sport

  • rescue

Best in Category Winners

Voter's Choice Award to Buster

Perhaps it was the tag line that pulled in some extra votes for our future stud Buster: "Watch out ladies, he'll pinch ya!"


Best Smile to Remi

What a beauty! Remi is posed perfectly with her witch hat and festive necklace. And, those beady eyes - who could tell her "no?"


Best Twins

Great minds think alike! Maddie (right) and Ollie (left) both stole our hearts! Goldendoodles are like bringing stuffed animals to life!


Best Use of Props to Lulu

My how our winner from last year's competition has grown! Lulu the cowgirl is standing pretty in the midst of all the snow. I'm sure she loves her autumn coat being in the mountains this time of year!


Best Sport

What a sweet girl! Ruby added flair to the front porch at her house sporting the blood shot goggles. Limited visibility doesn't seem to faze her a bit!


Best Rescue Team

When danger strikes, who do you call? Wonder Gracie (left) and Super Kuechly (right) of course! This dynamic duo are ready to race to the rescue.


Thanks again to everyone who entered their pups in this year's Doodles of NC Howl-o-Ween Contest. If you are thinking of entering next year, consider checking out the clearance racks now.

And, until next year, happy "dress-pupping!"

Considering a Goldendoodle puppy for your family? Contact us to see if the breed is the right one for you.


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