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Our Top Goldendoodle Blogs of 2017

While reflecting on 2017, we picked up on an undeniable trend in blog topics you all found most exciting to read. Here are the top 5 Doodles of NC blogs from 2017.

Can you pick up on your common favorite themes?

When you're in the market for a Goldendoodle Puppy, doing your due diligence is super importance. Will a Goldendoodle be the best fit breed for your family's lifestyle? Questions about price, size and disposition help determine the fit of the breed. And, then questions regarding the care of our puppies from prenatal care to the arms of their forever family help determine the quality of the breeder.

Interestingly enough, this post was a continuation of #5 on the list! It talks about the timing of getting a goldendoodle puppy and our master waiting list. Since predicting the number of puppies each doodle mama will have is sporadic at best (one of our mamas had a smaller litter than anticipated last year), we've created a waiting list. When your name comes to the top of the list, we let you know what colors and genders of puppies are available and invite you out to select your puppy or wait for the next litter.

Since Doodles of NC breeds both medium and mini Goldendoodles, we have two separate master waiting lists to help serve our families better.

Over the summer, we introduced you all to Lucy and Chloe! These precious moms have now started breeding with Chloe delivering her first litter on December 8th! She is a wonderful mommy and loves snuggling with her pups. We are anticipating a litter from Lucy late Spring or early Summer.

Similar to #3, this blog introduced us all to a new Doodles of NC mama. Sharing Kuechly's birth stories of her first litter of 8 perfect, medium goldendoodle puppies was a highlight of my year. Being a puppy nursemaid is such a gift!

And, drum roll please...

Thousands of visitors have come to our site looking for the answer to this question. We broke the answer down into the sizes of the doodle (mini, medium, standard), age, and disposition. If you haven't had a chance yet, we would highly recommend the post as a check point on the healthy lifestyle you are providing for your pup.

After completing this review of your top picks for 2017, we're steering this year's blogs in two directions:​

  1. Proper Care of Goldendoodles

  2. Puppies, puppies & more puppies!

Thanks for joining us on this wonderful ride of creating opportunities for family bonding with each puppy born into our nursery. We hope you enjoy the view!

If you have any specific topics you would like us to cover this year, please add a comment below or reach out on our Contact Us page!


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