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Top 3 Safety Items for Traveling With Pets

The holidays are upon us! And, with the holidays comes travel. Are you traveling with your pup this season?

If you are, there are a few items you might consider packing up for your trip. The disposition of Goldendoodles makes them the perfect travel companions. Just last month, one of Keuckly's pups, Bowie, made headlines being carried by his mom, (Ahem...owner!) Danielle, through the busy LAX airport.

So, whether your travel is by car, train, or plane, we recommend adding these items to your packing list.

1) Seat Belts & Covers

Having your pup strapped in for the ride can not only protect them, but also you. Minimize wet noses bumping your arms for attention by having your dog bucked up in the back seat.

We've added our favorite seat belt to our Doodles of NC shop. The crash-tested Sleepypod ClickIt Car Harness is made of Ballistic nylon exterior construction and automotive grade seatbelt webbing. And, with 3-points of seatbelt contact, it disperses impact.

And, we love this inexpensive URPOWER seat cover that makes for easy clean up. Although doodles are a very low-shedding / non-shedding breed, rainy trips can make for a messy back seat!

2) Rest Stops & Leashes

Keep in mind how often your pet is let out for potty breaks at home. Be sure to plan in rest stops throughout the trip. Although you might make the whole trip, it's likely your pup can't.

While enjoying some fresh air, keep your dog on a tight leash. Even the most well-behaved dogs can get spooked by strange sounds in new places. So, to keep from adding time to your trip (and gray hairs to your head!!) while chasing down your dog, be sure to pack a good leash.

Our pick for travel collars & leashes are the weather-proof, nylon reflective collar and nylon leash with a hand loop offered by Pet Lover's Club. The reflection helps other vehicles spot you at night and the hand loops reduces the risk of dropping the leash if your pup starts to bolt!

3) Hydration & Food

What is the one thing you run back in the house to grab nearly every long car ride? For me, it is my bottled water. I can't fathom taking a long car ride without it!

Well, dogs can become dehydrated quickly as well. This is especially true during the heat of the Summer months, but the heat we pump out during the Winter sucks the moisture right out of the air! So, pack an extra bottle of water and a bowl for your pup. Keep in mind that you should be offering them water (and then a potty break!) every couple of hours.

These collapsable water & food bowls, with carabiner clasps make great options while on the road or camping. Collapse & slip them into a Gallon-sized ZipLock back and you can drop them in a suitcase, backpack, or the seat back in front of you!

Hope these three safety reminders help get you prepared for your holiday traveling. And, please add your additional traveling tips in the comments section below!

For more of our breeder recommended items, check out the Doodles of NC store.

Happy traveling!


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