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Top 5 Games to Play with Your New Puppy

So, your new goldendoodle puppy’s home. Now what?

two mini goldendoodle puppies for sale looking into camera in anticipation

The transition to their forever home is a pivotal time in the life of your dog. If you followed our how to prepare for you new puppy suggestions, then I’m sure you are well on your way to bonding together! We hope these 5 games provide hours of endless fun and training opportunities!

1. Hide & Seek

An old classic, with a twist. Either hide yourself or your puppy’s favorite new toy. While searching for you, use the command “come” to call them. Familiarizing themselves with your voice and this voice command is a win, win!

And, sniffing out their favorite toy fine tunes their seek & find skills. Next you will be able to call toys by name for them to find & drop in their toy box! Yes - dogs can clean up their toys just like children (maybe even more reliably!).

2. Exploration Stroll

Ok. I tried to make a fancy title. But, this is just going for a walk. Might not seem exciting for you, but providing opportunities to explore on the beach, around the neighborhood, or at the park is very stimulating for your pup.

A couple things to keep in mind. Dog trainers recommend a 4 to 6 foot lead to keep your pup save. And, keep the walk around 5 minutes per month (20 minutes for a 4 month old). Running should be on your pup’s terms as forcing a run before their joints have developed can cause damage.

3. Fetch

One the kiddos love to get involved in. Tune up your pitchin’ arm and burn some puppy energy. Keep in mind the weight of the toy being thrown. Small, lightweight, easy to retrieve toys like stuffed animals, are important at this age. And, avoid sticks; they can be tough on puppy teeth and when ingested wreck havoc on a puppy’s intestinal tract!

4. Swim

Just in time for summer! Most dogs love water. But, if your puppy is fearful at first, be sure not to force it. Panicking when water is involved can lead to a very scary situation.

Be sure to look into puppy life jackets if you are heading to a fast moving river or the ocean. The weight-free environment creates a great, low-impact workout for growing puppies. But, until your puppy proves proficiency in swimming stamina, be ready to jump in and play lifeguard!

5. Tricks

Wait, what? Teaching tricks is training, right? Well, to your puppy they are one in the same. So treat it like one! Get as excited to instruct them on “sit” and “stay” as … “wanna go for a car ride!” Learning these basic commands early will help your puppy stay safe when you venture into the real world.

Remember, puppies tire easily. To prevent exhaustion and overstimulation, take a break after 10 minutes of structured play. And, keep those treats close!

For more ideas on games that teach and engage your new puppy, reach out to us! Creating a forever bond with your new Goldendoodle puppy is our top priority!


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