"Dedicated to raising healthy, happy puppies for families from the heart of our home."

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December 7, 2017

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Breeder Flies Goldendoodle Puppies Home First Class

October 18, 2016


Just last week we enjoyed one of the most rewarding parts of being breeders.  We watched as our precious puppies met their forever-home families.  A mix of emotions flood our hearts during home delivery week, but the joy on our clients’ faces as they snuggle into the fluffy coats and get those first puppy kisses, makes our hearts so full!
Well, as we transition back from a family of 16 (Bella, her 10 puppies, JP, myself, and our two daughters) to just a family of 5, we thought we’d take a moment to share one of these special deliveries with you.


How far away do we deliver?
Our clients come from around the country.  Being breeders based out of the piedmont of NC makes Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia a reasonable car drive away.  


But, what is our delivery policy for the other 44 states?
Well, join us on the journey home to California for sweet Kushi, a six-week old Red Goldendoodle puppy from Bella's last litter, as we discuss the Doodle of NC Travel Puppy Companion program.
Travel Puppy Companions


We are blessed to have friends and family members who are absolute dog lovers through and through!  Once we announce a client living outside our driving radius, our Travel Puppy Companions jump all over the opportunity to be the designated puppy chauffer! 
Doodles of NC Crate Free Flying


What makes our individualized puppy handling different from many other breeders, is that the puppies are not confined to crates.  They enjoy a first-class experience when it comes to puppy flying. 
Doodle of NC puppies win the hearts of folks in TSA, enjoy gazing out the windows of the plane, lounge on their Personal Puppy Attendant’s lap during flight, and arrive at their destination as refreshed from their nap as if they were snuggled in at home.
Puppies Never Medicated