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2016 Recap and 2017 Projections for Doodles of NC

What a year! We are humbled and amazed at how our clients helped us not only meet, but exceed our lofty 2016 goals. Based on last year’s success, we’ve planned big things for Doodles of NC for the year ahead!

To recap, 2016 was the year of new beginnings.

1. We sent 13 precious, healthy Goldendoodle puppies to new homes.

2. We expanded our Doodles of NC mamas to include Chloe, Lucy and Kuechly.

3. We brought in Duncan (or should we say Prince Duncan), a red miniature poodle, to be the in-house stud.

4. We completed our puppy nursery renovation (more pictures coming in a future blog article!).

5. We created an Amazon store stocked with all the supplies clients are looking for to ease their puppy’s transition home.

6. We sponsored our first local non-profit event – the 2016 Alamance County Young Life Golf Tournament.

And, what was the underlying theme to these new beginnings? Expansion!

Our waiting lists were growing as requests were increasing. So, with our additional Goldendoodle parents, we project having three to four times the number of Goldendoodle puppies available during 2017 (30 - 40 puppies)!

While our line of puppies will still include F1B Medium-sized Goldendoodle puppies (25-40lbs adult weight), we will begin offering F1B miniature Goldendoodle puppies (5-15lbs) in 2017!

The addition of the mini-goldendoodles offers families more options in terms of size based on their family needs.

Of course, we owe a huge thanks to our wonderful clients who live life with their doodles leading people to ask, “Where did you get such a gorgeous pup!” You and your pups are considered family members in our book! For all the referrals, kind reviews on Google+ and FaceBook, and pictures shared we can't express our thanks enough.

Here’s to fun adventures in the backyard and beyond! Happy New Years from our family to yours!

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